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We are an award-winning management consulting firm specializing in business transformation from strategy through execution. We offer clients in the public, private, non-profit and education sectors an array of services to include:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Organizational Assessments ~ Leadership Assessments

Workforce and Leadership Development

Strategic Planning

Business Process Improvement

Business Development

Community Outreach and Engagement

When your organization needs professional advice and counsel on strategy and direction, developing your workforce or improving operations, Brightworks offers proven solutions and experienced Consultants with a roadmap for your organization to reach the next level. With a broad network, we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve business excellence whether you are developing and implementing a strategy or improving operations, regardless of the industry or size.

In collaboration with our clients, we develop the best solution using tools, technology, proven methodologies and strategies that align with the unique needs of our client and their culture.

Brightworks Consulting professionals have the experience, judgment and relevant skills to help you resolve your most complex business challenges and achieve business excellence.

We deeply care about every organization we serve with integrity.

Excellence In All We Do!


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About Us

Brightworks professionals have the experience, judgment, relevant skills and strategy to help you resolve your most complex business challenges and achieve business excellence today.

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