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Milligan and Gannon Join Forces to Accelerate Progress on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Experienced Leaders Drive Change Through Hands-on Support and Proven Strategies

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Respected and experienced business leaders Pat Milligan and Christine Gannon announced today that they are launching a partnership through Brightworks Consulting in collaboration with the Foundation for Female Equity and Inclusion, that will deploy their decades of combined expertise in human capital, leadership, DE&I, and intersectionality in the workplace.

After working with some of the world’s largest corporations and most highly regarded brands, this pair of passionate, solutions-oriented change agents will join forces to go farther and move faster in driving change for organizations and communities at the grassroots level.

“As the last two years under COVID have shown us, when our workplaces, our communities, and the companies we interact with are more diverse and inclusive, the results speak for themselves. Despite an increased awareness of why this work matters and how inequities persist, the pace of change is too slow,” said Milligan, who also serves as a strategic advisor for EDGE Strategy and had a 40+ year career in HR consulting. “These challenges are significant but solvable, and Christine and I are excited to share a roadmap to drive progress with organizations and communities that share our commitment to accelerating equity.”

“We meet energized organizations and impatient leaders where they are on their journeys, working hand in hand within teams, to move the needle,” said Gannon, the founder and CEO of Brightworks Consulting and the co-founder and President of an affiliated nonprofit, the Foundation for Female Equity and Inclusion. “With businesses, with local organizations, at the community level—we prioritize working with leaders who are serious about investing in change, tracking progress, and being accountable for equitable outcomes for all.”

 The resumes of Milligan and Gannon span decades and cross-sectors, including extensive work in pharmaceuticals and financial services for Milligan and a deep understanding of education, employment, and veterans services for Gannon. Gannon, who previously worked as an executive at IBM and American Express, is also the author of several books on equity and workforce development, including “Constitutional Grit: Using Grit as a Catalyst for Female Equity in the C Suite,” and “Executive Women Grit: Powerful Stories of Women Who Earned the Silver Spoon.”

 Milligan and Gannon are both steeped in best practices for gender equality and DE&I, and are eager to share that knowledge with equally impatient professionals at every stage of their career. They will work with clients through Brightworks Consulting, an award-winning management consulting firm specializing in business transformation from strategy through execution. The firm offers clients in the public, private, non-profit and education sectors an array of services, rooted in the values of gender equity and inclusion. Services offered by the pair will include a proprietary DE&I Diagnostic and Maturity Assessment tool that helps entities understand where they are in the process and how best to proceed in a meaningful and sustainable way.

 Brightworks has an aligned partnership with the Foundation for Female Equity and Inclusion, as well, which brings together the latest research, evidence-based best practices, and motivated leaders as part of its unique and differentiated approach to resolve equity, inclusion and diversity.

 To learn more, visit the Brightworks Consulting website, follow Milligan and Gannon on LinkedIn, or subscribe for updates from the Foundation for Female Equity and Inclusion.


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